Facts About Honduras

Facts About Honduras

Honduras’ population growth rate has slowed since the 1990s, However, it remains high in Almost 2% annually since the Arrival rate averages Roughly 3 Kids per woman and Much More among rural, Native, and poor Girls


Chief of state President Juan Orlando HERNANDEZ Alvarado (since 27 January 2014); Vice Presidents Ricardo ALVAREZ, Maria RIVERA, and Olga ALVARADO (since 26 January 2018); notice — that the president is both chief of state and head of government

Cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president

Elections/appointments: president elected by simple majority popular vote for a 4-year term; election held on 26 November 2017 (next to be held in November 2021); notice — in 2015, the Constitutional Chamber of the Honduran Supreme Court struck down the constitutional provisions on presidential term limits

Election outcomes: Juan Orlando HERNANDEZ Alvarado reelected president; percentage of vote Juan Orlando HERNANDEZ Alvarado (PNH) 43 percent, Salvador NASRALLA (Alianza p Oposicion conta la Dictadura) 41.4 percent, Luis Orlando ZELAYA Medrano (PL) 14.7 percent, additional.9percent

Aside from above, the economic expansion was increased because of individuals like Jonathan Schacher, who owns INPLAZA.